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Staying Cozy in South Lake Tahoe

Every year, Ben and I like to pretend we can handle the cold weather and drive up to Lake Tahoe to celebrate his birthday. Last year we stayed at The Ritz Carlton in North Lake (Last year’s post here), so this year we decided to check out Edgewood Hotel in South Lake Tahoe.

Stay: Edgewood Hotel

Edgewood is a beautiful hotel, the entire feel of the space is lodgy and cozy. There was lots of comfy seating in the main lobby with a large fireplace with the perfect view of the lake.

Our room was amazing! It was the perfect little tiny house for us, it had two bathrooms, living space, two fireplaces, a walk in closet, a large bathroom with a shower and a soaking tub, and even a desk area for Ben to work. There was also a balcony with lounge chairs that would be nice during the summer but since it was snowing I did not have the opportunity to use the chairs.

Edgewood offers a full gym and a spa. We used the gym everyday, it had treadmills, ellipticals, bicycles, weight machines, and extra weights. I thought the gym was very new and had everything I needed for a great workout. Unfortunately, I decided not to do a spa session at Edgewood but when I come back in the summer I definitely would love to.

Edgewood has an amazing outdoor pool and hot tub, which can hold 40 people! The pool was heated and the outdoor space had several fire pits lit. The hot tub was just so amazing, after being out in the freezing cold and then jumping into 101 degree hot tub was the best feeling.

Play: Heavenly Gondola Ride

I am not a snowboarder (I tried once) and I’ve never skied before and I’m not ready to start but I wanted to get outside and do an activity. So we took the Heavenly Gondola ride up the mountain to check out the views and to have a beverage at Tamarack Lounge and to hang with the locals.

On the way up there is a halfway point stop for the full view of Lake Tahoe, so we stopped to take a few photos of this breathtaking view. If you’re afraid of heights don’t look down. You must stop on the way up because on the way down they don’t stop at the halfway point. I was freezing my buns off so we didn’t stay very long, so we continued our gondola ride.

Once we reached the top, we walked over to the Tamarack Lounge. There were lots of people taking a break from their snow activity and having a beverage or food, so we found our way to the bar and ordered a loaded bloody mary. We all know I’m a champagne drinker but the only time I drink bloody marys is when I’m a caddy for Ben on the golf course and when I’m in the snow.

Vegan Eats:

We were in Tahoe for 3 nights and since we stayed at the hotel all day we wanted to go out and check out local restaurants of South Lake. The first night we really wanted soup,so we went out in search for Pho. We found Lotus Pho! This place was so perfect and exactly what we needed. We both had vegan pho and shared a plate of salt and peppered tofu for a little extra protein.

The next night we found a thai restaurant: My Thai, which is a local favorite. We ordered the vegetable green curry, vegan pad thai, and vegetable pot stickers. YUM.

We celebrated Ben’s birthday dinner at Edgewood restaurant. We had informed the chef of our dietary restrictions when we made reservations and he had prepared a 4 course vegan dinner for us! He prepared a spiced lentil soup, a quinoa salad, a roasted carrot, cauliflower, and broccoli entree, and finished with a sorbet. The dinner was perfect and we were seated right next to the window and it looked like we were inside of a snow globe because it was snowing! The dinner was the perfect ending to our annual snowy getaway for Ben’s birthday!

When we were on our way home, I realized that we didn’t go to the casinos! I had completely forgotten that we were in South Lake Tahoe where everyone comes and gambles. This trip was unlike all the other times I’ve come to South Lake Tahoe, my throat didn’t hurt because I was in smoke free hotel and I felt like I was in stay at a secret lodge. Edgewood is hands down the best hotel to stay in South Lake Tahoe.

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