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Vegan in the City - Golden Era Vegan


When I am returning back home to San Francisco after traveling for a week, my body is craving delicious vegan comfort food. I grew up in a chinese restaurant so my idea of comfort food is asian cuisine. San Francisco is filled with amazing asian restaurants so I’m lucky to have found Golden Era Vegan because it is everything comfort food should be. Golden Era Vegan is a 100% plant based restaurant, specializing in vietnamese, chinese, indian and thai cuisine. They don’t use MSG, honey, eggs or dairy. Everything is 100% vegan.


My favorite and what I always crave and dream about is their steamed buns. (It’s not on their menu, just ask for them!) I have a thing for big steamed buns (Ha). No really I do, I went to a Vegan food and beer festival in Scottsdale and I had to have the big steamed buns. Read about it here.


Everything at Golden Era is really fresh, and made to order. If you are used to going to a chinese restaurant, they make traditional chinese restaurant dishes with soy proteins like; “Mongolian Beef” is “Spicy Mongolian Delight” and “Orange Chicken” is “Sweet Orange”. And they have great tofu dishes like their Spicy Lemongrass Tofu. YUM!


I really enjoy their dishes with a lot of vegetables with not too much soy proteins because the vegetables are so fresh and their sauces are really flavorful. My favorite entree is their spicy sweet potato curry, I am a huge fan of curries. And Ben’s favorite is the pan fried chow fun. Ben is obsessed with chow fun from anywhere but especially at Golden Era.


The best part? If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home. Get it delivered! I can be in my comfy pajamas while eating my comfort food. Double the comfort. If you are ever in the area check Golden Era Vegan out! I highly recommend if you love asian food.


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