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30 days to
Healthy Living

The 30 days to healthy living program is focused on restoring and rebuilding your gut health + introduce new sustainable habits that will enhance your lifestyle and self.

It’s the perfect way to reset your body in an all-natural way with plant-based products, meal plans and shopping lists. We eliminate foods that are acidic, addictive, and inflammatory. This is not a diet, but more of building new lifestyle habits. I’ll show you how to integrate healthy habits into your daily routine for long lasting results.

What’s in the 30 day kit?

2 bags of FeelFit Pea Protein

2 boxes of Cleantox Herbal Detox Tea

2 boxes of Energy Fizz

1 box of GutHealth Digestion & Microbiome Support

Your choice of 2:

Plus a free gift of your choice out of many (I recommend the skin elixir) and free shipping.

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Gut + Glow

Get glowing from the inside out with three supplements in one yummy drink.

Gut health microbiome support - prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and ginger to eliminate bloating, gas, aids in digestion + supports overall gut health.

Skin Elixir - a vegan collagen builder with vitamin c, sea buckthorn extract, and hyaluronic acid for glowy, supple skin + healthy and long hair and nails.

BeWell superfood greens - 36 colorful fruits and vegetables in one scoop + spirulina + chlorella and more! Best way to get a serving of fruits + veggies in!

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What’s the Preferred membership fee?

When you sign up as a preferred member, it’s $29 and that’s for a whole year (think of it like a costco, thrive or amazon membership). That membership gets you a year of 20-40% EVERYTHING on the website. There is no monthly minimums and no auto renewals... if you do the 30 day program and fall in love with the products like I did, you can reorder anytime.