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Stay Colorful, Sayulita Mexico

During our stay in Punta Mita, we took a day trip to a small beach town: Sayulita.

Sayulita was vibrant, filled with lots of color. Well known for surfing, and it's laid back feel.

Most people say the locals are known to be hippies. 

The shops were very cute filled with fun colorful bags, pillows, and the signature puff balls, which they sold everywhere and of course I had to get one.


We stopped for lunch at a place called "Barracuda" and I had a vegan burrito.

The burrito was filled with lots of fresh veggies; carrots, mushrooms, onions, and zuchinni.

(Bonus: They had a very spicy habanero salsa that I added on my burrito)

If you're thinking of visiting Sayulita, here are my tips:

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