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My Health & Fitness Story

Growing up, I’ve always been active and skinny, to be honest I was kind of a tomboy, I played sports and rode my bike. In high school I joined the cheerleading squad and dance team.I even exercised at the gym after dance practice. I just loved being active.

Left:2016 Right: 2017

In 2010, I graduated from San Francisco State University. I had accomplished an achievement, it was a lot of hard work and dedication. I focused all my efforts on graduating that I did not realize that I had gained thirty pounds! I am an emotional eater, I eat when I feel stressed, tired, and bored. I was eating anything that was quick and easy and not taking care of my health. I now know why they say freshman fifteen, except for me it was senior swell thirty.


Once I graduated, I focused on my health. I started to educate myself on the food I was putting in my body. I watched documentaries and read books and I quickly became passionate about my health and how to better myself. The first thing I decided to remove from my life was meat. To my surprise, it was super easy. The only thing I missed was sushi, so after a few months I added fish back in my diet.


Since August 2017, I am 100% plant based, I cut out dairy (cheese, eggs, milk) and fish. Becoming vegan was not about losing weight, it was about feeling good inside and out. Now that I’m living in San Francisco, I’ve joined Equinox fitness club, and occasionally will take Barry’s boot camp and SoulCyle. When I travel, I always find a gym just to get an hour of sweat in before my day begins.

February 2017

I am always motivated to achieve more and have better results because I know I can. I want to feel great inside and out, and have healthy glowing skin, hair and nails.  I want to be stronger mentally and physically and educated myself on all ways to better myself inside and out.

December 2017

My health and fitness journey has just begun, everyday is a new day and I want to be better than the day before. I am not perfect and I don’t follow a diet, I’m just aware of what I put into my body. I believe in a balanced lifestyle, some days I eat French fries and some days I eat steamed veggies. Everything in moderation, always stay positive and always be aware of how you feel.

I would love new insight, advice, new fads to try. I would love to motivate and inspire anyone out there with goals of striving more for themselves. Here is my journey and I would love for you to follow along

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