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The Great Santa Run: My First 5K

I’ve never participated in any race my entire life, I’m not much of a runner, I like to do cardio sessions on the elliptical and oftentimes when I’m doing Barry’s bootcamp I love sprinting. I had no idea what I was in for when my lovely boyfriend Ben signed us up for a 5K with The Great Santa Run, benefitting High School Cross Country Teams of Sonoma County impacted by fire devastation. I was thinking to myself "It’s only 3 miles thats so easy, no big deal" A few days before the race, I picked up our Santa suits and our running numbers. The santa suit was so cute and it was just so festive for the holiday season.

The morning of the race, we stretched, put on our santa suits and ubered our way to Crissy Field. When we arrived there were so many people in santa suits all getting ready for the great santa run!

The 5K race began at 8:30am, and while we waited for the horn, all I could see ahead of me was a sea of red santa suits. When the race started, I ran for most of the time and walked a few times. I finished the run at 37 minutes. Ben had to leave me because I was holding him back, I was definitely not prepared for this run. I was sore for a few days after the 5K run but I had a great time and loved being apart of a San Francisco event.

I definitely want to do another 5K, I’m hoping to do two more in the coming new year. I just need to slowly work on my stamina and running speed. I would like to finish my next run at 30 minutes for the total 5K, that will be my goal for 2018. The Great Santa Run was a great first 5K for me and I look forward for the next one!
Oh and I got a medal for completing the Great Santa Run!

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