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Vegan in Napa Valley: Morimoto

Before I became 100% plant based, I was vegetarian plus some fish for seven years because I was obsessed with sushi. Morimoto was one of my favorite spots for sushi in the Napa Valley. Since I’ve gone vegan, Morimoto is still one of my favorite restaurants in the Napa Valley. At Morimoto, the staff are very accommodating to a plant based diet. Most Japanese restaurants only offer avocado rolls and cucumber rolls, which are yummy but sometimes I want hot japanese food. Luckily Morimoto offers a variety of delicious cooked dishes.

I had an amazing dinner experience at Morimoto with the Iron Chef himself! Check it out: Iron Chef Morimoto cooked me a vegan dinner

I always start with an order of the classic edamame. They are always perfectly steamed and topped with the right amount of sea salt.

Tofu Tacos - these tacos are the perfect little appetizer before diving into a delicious vegan japanese dinner. (Depending on the chef, sometimes they will not make these)

My favorite is hands down the tofu burribop. The server sears the tofu on the hot stone bowl and mixes the rice and sauce together for you table side. I could eat an entire bowl by myself. YUM

Pair the burribop with seasonal stir fry vegetables and chinese broccoli. These vegetable side dishes change with the season.

Of course we need to have sushi at Morimoto! My favorite is the avocado rolls and avocado hand rolls. I mean, who doesn’t love avocado? Morimoto also offers four vegetable rolls. I have tried all of them and I like them but they are an acquired taste.

Tip: If you let the server know you are vegan, they will bring you tamari (gluten free soy sauce) because the soy sauce served at Morimoto has fish scales in it. (Good to know!)

Since you are in the Napa Valley, you need a glass of wine with your dinner I recommend pairing all this delicious food with a bottle of Boncristiani Rose. Cheers!

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