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Vegan in Mexico: Mint Jungle & Amber's Market

Mint jungle is my go to spot for when I’m in the mood for something different from the usual mexican cuisine. Thanks to my local friends in Cabo San Lucas who referred Mint Jungle to me because they know I like places that are healthy, light, refreshing and have vegan options. Mint Jungle is known for being a gluten free restaurant. They offer a variety of green juices, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas all gluten free. And they offer delicious baked goods as well.

Mint Jungle is located in a strip mall in Cabo San Lucas. Surrounded by clothing stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. Mint Jungle has outdoor and indoor seating, you can’t miss their mint jungle green decor.

My favorite is their vegan sandwich. Which is filled with shredded beets, carrots, sprouts, cucumber, and hummus, on toasted gluten free bread. Paired with a side of (your choice) sliced green apples or potato chips. Oh and the best part are the pickled jalapenos they offer on the side for your sandwich, this adds a great spicy kick to your taste buds. YUM! I tell myself next time I’m going to try something new but as soon as I get there I’m immediately craving their sandwich. Next time I’ll try something new... doubtful.

A must have while you are here are their smoothies. Their smoothies are the perfect refresher while you wait for your lunch. As you relax outdoor under an umbrella, sipping your delicious smoothie, and watch some sports on one of their many TVs.

Inside their little shop, “Amber’s Market”, they sell fun t-shirts, hats, and chia seeds along side their baked goods.

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