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My hair story

I still remember the moment I got bangs, I was 21 and had just broken up with my boyfriend of 6 years, and decided I needed a fresh look. I was BANGING! I loved it, I loved them so much that I rocked those bangs for over 10 years. Then I realized, I’ve had the same hairstyle for a decade. I had just began a new relationship, a really happy one, and my life just felt new and fresh so again I wanted a new look.

The way it was....

January 2017

In January of 2017, I remember sitting in the chair at the salon and looking in the mirror and thinking I really love my hair the way it is but let’s be brave and do something new.
I showed up to my hair appointment and showed my hairdresser pictures of what I wanted:

Sofia Jamora

And after a few hours, this is what the final product was.

I kept this look for a couple of months until I realized I wanted more. Now I wanted this look:


I went to a different hairdresser because I knew my long time hairdresser would not bleach my hair to achieve the look I wanted. After a couple hours, this was what I looked like:

February 2017

My hair was still strong, thick and long and it was a really nice grey, I should have just kept it at this color but nope I wanted more so I went in again to bring the color upwards in my bangs. I had decided at this point that I wanted to grow my bangs out. In my mind if my hair was all one color they would grow out quicker.

April 2017

At this point my hair was weak, starting to thin and break. I was frustrated that my hair color wasn't what I wanted and it was uneven, which you can tell from the picture above.  So I went back to the salon a few weeks later and bleached more and ultimately was my final and last time bleaching my hair.
I wanted my hair to look like this:

Victoria @Inthefrow

The final product looked like this:

May 2017

My hair completely broke off. My poor long beautiful thick hair was now frail, brittle, and short. But what is done is done and I tried to keep it grey as long as I could but slowly the color started changing to a more yellow blonde. I knew I couldn’t just dye my hair black again so soon because my hair has had it and I didn’t want to damage it more. To try and nurse my hair back to health, I researched everything and tried everything.

August 2017

Embarrassed to go back to the previous hairdresser, I found my new forever hairdresser, a friend of mine, who is helping me revitalize my hair back to healthy. She refused to dye my hair back to black so soon, so she gave it a trim and toned it and gave me lots of treatments to soften the damaged hair.  The grown out roots actually looked pretty cool and I got a lot of compliments but I wanted my hair color to be even and wanted it to look healthy again.

Gianna, my hair savior

In late October of 2017, I dyed my hair back to dark brown in hopes to let it grow back long and healthy again. Going back to dark gave me my confidence back as well, I just felt like myself again.

November 21, 2017


Luckily, I have such an amazing boyfriend who loves me blonde, grey, black, brunette, or whatever hair color I choose. I realize now that what I had is now my #hairgoals. I will never destroy my hair ever again and neglect to realize that what I had was amazing. I hope that one day my hair will go back to how it was, long and healthy again. Now, I do treatments once a week, I only wash my hair twice a week, and I take hair vitamins to strengthen and try to speed up the growing process. I know that I need to be patient and keep my fingers crossed that I will get back to my hair goals again.

Sophia Miacova


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