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My favorite Spa in Napa

After a few long work weeks in San Francisco, I love coming home to Napa for a weekend getaway. I’m lucky to have been born and raised in the Napa Valley and can call it my hometown. I’m even more lucky to have a condo to call home located at the Silverado Resort & Spa. When I come home, it feels like I’m checking into a resort for the weekend.

My favorite part about Silverado Resort is the Spa! I’ve tried a few of their treatments and my favorite so far is their Meyer Lemon Salt Glow. This treatment makes your skin feel “baby butt smooth” (exact words the lady used) The lady gives your arms, legs, stomach (if you want, I did) feet, hands, and neck and chest area a really good scrub with the meyer lemon salt scrub. Then you step into a sixteen head shower (OMG! So amazing!) to rinse and wash off all the salt scrub. The moment you step out of the shower your skin already feels AH-MAZING! After you’ve dried off from your shower, lotion is applied and massaged into your skin. This treatment followed by a massage just leaves you in complete bliss and relaxation.

Other treatments that I’ve tried and would recommend:

- Lavender Mint Clay Wrap - A mud mask is applied onto your skin and you are wrapped and covered in heated towels. The heat helps withdraw toxins from your body.

- Silverado Blue (Phytomer) Facial - This is a classic facial that is designed to refresh and hydrate your skin.

- Silverado Massage -  A classic massage to help get those knots and kinks to help loosen your golf swing (if you’re here for the golf)

Before your spa treatments, I recommend getting a snack or pick me up from the Boost Cafe. They have the best smoothies and avocado toast. My favorite is their Green Goddess smoothie. YUM!  If you are looking for something a bit more filling, you can grab lunch at The Grill. I like the Kale salad, which they made vegan for me, with a side of french fries. (Not pictured because I devoured them)

Make your spa day last by using all the amenities that Silverado Spa offers. Relax by the pool and take a dip in the outdoor spa hot tub. Or stay inside the spa and relax in the private indoor hot tub. The spa also offers a steam room, sauna, and a cozy resting area where you can relax with their cozy robe and drink hot tea. Silverado also has bocce ball and tennis courts if you want to sip wine and enjoy the sunshine.

When I’m not pampering myself with a treatment, you can find me working my booty at the gym. I love this gym because it’s so simple but has a lot to offer. There are plenty of cardio machines, from rowing machines to treadmills. A smith machine, lots of weights and a great variety of weight machines.

Silverado Spa is the perfect Napa getaway to relax and unplug from the world. Let your work and stress wait until Monday.

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