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My Must Have Fitness Accessories

I used to dread working out, I would always force myself to go and of course as soon as I’m done I’m so happy I did. Now I’m addicted to the feeling I get during and after my workouts. I love feeling stronger after every workout and I love watching my body change. Finding time and motivation to exercise is difficult but when you have the right accessories and new fitness outfit it’ll boost your motivation up by ten notches. To help keep your workouts consistent you need the right tools to help accelerate your gym time. I’ve compiled my favorite must have accessories that help me stay motivated and keep my workouts consistent.

Apple Watch

Before I got the Apple Watch, I had a fitbit, which I loved. It’s similar to a fitbit in many ways, keeps track of your steps and alerts you to get up and move every hour but the reason why I upgraded to the apple watch was because I wanted a heart rate monitor. When I’m working out I like to make sure my heart rate is in the fat burning zone, and keep it there for as long as I can. Bonus: my watch is synced with my iphone so while I’m working out I can change songs seamlessly without having to pick up my phone and interrupting my workout.

Resistance Bands

These are great for traveling, for home workouts, and when you’re at the gym and the weight room is jam packed. They are small and portable. I carry mine with me in my backpack, so when it’s leg day I bring it with me to the gym. They can be used in many different workouts. I like to use them mainly for my lower body. I wrap them above the knee and do squats, crab walks, and side and back kicks. They will make your booty burn! I got my Bands on amazon.

Apple AirPods

I have tried a lot of headphones. I have a pair of beats by dre, and I’ve seen a lot of people wearing them in the gym but for me these make my ears really sweaty. I’ve also tried the “wireless” headphones with the wire that goes behind the head/neck but my ponytail got stuck in them. Before I discovered the airpods, my favorite headphones were just the standard iphone headphones because they fit my ear really well but it was a bummer when I didn’t have pockets I wouldn’t have music when I was lifting weights. Airpods are the perfect headphones because they truly are wireless and they fit my ears perfectly. They don’t fall out while I’m working out, they don’t get in the way, and I can lift weights while listening to music!


Ok I know this is unnecessary for some people but hear me out! I have a hard time opening jars or bottles because my hands are super sensitive. When I’m working out and using weights I don’t like thinking about the pain in my hands. I want to focus on my workout and not worry about callus’ forming or the possibility of stopping because of my hands. So these Gloves are a hand saver for me and I find these to be necessary. Plus, I think I look cool.

Water Bottle

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking water is important especially when you are sweating. You should be getting at least half your body weight in ounces of water everyday, I like to drink extra because I like to sweat and I don’t want my body to be deprived of water. Carry a cute water bottle with you to make sure you are getting enough water everyday. I like to refill my 16oz water bottle at least six times throughout the day. Plus when you head to the gym you need a cute Water bottle as your gym accessory.

There are 3 reasons why I work out regularly; I wear a bikini year round. My “Summer body goals” is my lifestyle, I love eating, like a lot and like all the time, and lastly because I love it! I love the feeling I get from exercising! It’s an instant mood booster, so if you’re ever having a bad day, I recommend you head to the gym or outside and get your heart rate going. A bad workout is the one that never happened. You never regret a workout even it’s just 10 minutes! So get out and start moving!

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