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Vegan in San Francisco - Shizen

Being vegan in San Francisco is really easy because there are so many amazing plant based restaurants! What a wonderful time to be alive and eating well! I have a list of restaurants in San Francisco that are my favorite go tos but when it comes to sushi there is the one and only Shizen.

Shizen is a 100% plant based sushi and izakaya bar. They create delicious seasonal dishes using local ingredients. Shizen’s philosophy: "We believe that the components of honest plant-based cuisine should speak for themselves. The chefs at Shizen use tapioca, mountain yam, konjac, bean curd, and other vegan ingredients to form complex and satisfying dishes that stand on their own without the need to imitate animal proteins"


Sweet Corn & Avocado Nigiri

Shiitake Nigiri & Peppers Nigiri

Shizen does not take reservations due to limited seating and it is a very popular restaurant, so be prepared to wait at least an hour for a table for two. One time we came with a group of four and waited over two hours for a table. But guess what guys, IT’S WORTH THE WAIT!

California roll

Spicy Tofuna Roll

Upon arrival, you check in with the hostess and she sets you up on their online waitlist and a text will be sent to you once your table is ready. You can also check online to see what place you are in and how many people are ahead of you. So Ben and I like to have a drink or two (depending how long the wait is) around the corner at Burma Love.


Surprise Ending

Once we finally get a table, we are famished (and maybe a little buzzed). I always feel like we order too much but it all ends up disappearing pretty quickly. Everything is so delicious. My favorite is their california rolls. I know so basic but SO GOOD!

Proud Peacock

Their ramen is perfect for those cold San Francisco nights. I've tried the Spicy Garlic Ramen, the broth is heavy and rich. And the Shoyu Ramen has more of a miso broth and lighter. Both soups had the same nori and "ham" like soy meats in them.

Shoyu Ramen
Spicy Garlic Miso Ramen

Shizen also offers hot entrees like curry and grilled mushrooms on a hot sizzling plate. I've been to Shizen a handful of times and I like to try something new every time and I have not been disappointed yet with anything on their menu.

Lily Flower Curry

Shizen is definitely my favorite vegan restaurant in San Francisco, I would highly recommend coming here if you want an amazing vegan sushi experience.

Vegan Brownie with Green Tea Ice Cream

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