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Why I Quit Caffeine

When I was in high school, I would drink a Venti (20 oz) White Chocolate Mocha E V E R Y D A Y (oh the good old days when my metabolism was on fire) Then one day, I didn’t have one and I had the worst headache ever! That’s when I realized that I had a terrible addiction and had to stop immediately.
I decided to officially quit all caffeinated beverages after I read “Younger - The breakthrough Anti-aging method for radiant skin” by Dr Lancer. I learned that Coffee is a diuretic that dehydrates the body. Caffeine increases cortisol levels in the body which accelerates the aging process, thinning the skin, and creates fine lines and wrinkles. I also want to note that in the book Dr Lancer also advises to limit alcohol consumption as well but let’s get real I’m not giving up champagne. A good strategy is to drink a glass of water every time you have an alcoholic beverage (or caffeinated beverage)

I can’t even remember the last time I drank a caffeinated beverage. Before you think I’m crazy for giving up coffee, let me explain. These past couple years (since I stopped working in the service industry and started traveling) my urge to have a coffee in the morning stopped. So it’s not like I quit cold turkey, I’ve actually weaned myself off of it naturally in the past two years. Once in awhile I would have a cup of coffee in the office but otherwise I didn’t drink it at all. And, I couldn’t drink caffeine past 12PM or else I would have trouble sleeping at night (Old people problems).

 What I love to drink 

- Buddha Teas - Chaga mushroom Tea - There are so many great health benefits of chaga mushroom, but two big ones for me is slows aging process and supports immune system. I like to try to drink this tea everyday.

- Turmeric Tea - The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, and curcumin is proven to have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. You can read more benefits of Turmeric here.

- Hot water with Lemon - I like to have hot water with lemon in the mornings and especially when I’m traveling on the airplane, because lemon juice can help stimulate proper stomach acid production and bile production. Lemon contains Vitamin C which is needed for collagen production for smooth, healthy skin.

- Decaf coffee - I enjoy having coffee during morning walks or coffee dates and I do enjoy the taste and the smell of coffee. So, I’ll just order a decaf.

- Water, water, water - Every morning I enjoy drinking water, just plain and simple water to hydrate my body upon waking. I try to drink at least 80 ounces of water everyday especially if I work out and sweat a lot. It is recommended that you drink half your body weight in ounces

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By Amy Young about 2293 days ago

Good for you, lady! I tried to give up coffee once, a long time ago -- I made it six months and then had to go back. I'm impressed with your determination!