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Vegan in Napa Valley: Golden Harvest

Fun Fact about me: I don’t eat chinese food unless it’s at Golden Harvest. Never have and never will I ever. Why? Because I would never betray my family and eat at another chinese restaurant! Ok so this post is a little biased. And I’m actually quite surprised I haven’t done a post, but better late than never right?

Chinese Greens with Black Mushrooms

Golden Harvest is located in the beautiful Napa Valley, in the city of St. Helena, California. It has been open since 1997 by my mother and father, Suling and Rich. They both are from Taipei, Taiwan and came to the United States in 1983. My parents open their first restaurant in downtown Napa in 1987, Peking Palace, and was opened for over twenty years.

Green Onion Pancakes

Veggie Chow Fun + Tofu

Golden Harvest is well known with the locals of St. Helena, as a family owned and operated small business. My brother Jack now runs the restaurant alongside my mom, dad and uncle. Golden Harvest is local friendly and a very casual dining experience. Lot’s of families love to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries here.

Eggplant with Hot Garlic Sauce

The locals love the orange chicken, mongolian beef, hot & spicy string beans, crispy eggplant, and honey walnut prawns, just to name a few. It is just the perfect place to over order different dishes and share family style.

Ma Po Tofu

Now that I’m vegan, it’s still my favorite chinese restaurant because there are so many vegan options! My favorites are veggie chow fun, eggplant in hot garlic sauce, curry tofu, vegetables deluxe, hot & spicy string beans, and kung pao tofu. I could name a few more that are vegan and delicious but you’re just going to have to visit Golden Harvest yourself to find out. If you’re ever in the valley, wine tasting or just visiting, please come and support local businesses like Golden Harvest and enjoy the best chinese food you’ll ever have.

Broccoli Tofo

Steamed White Rice

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By Christine about 1962 days ago

We recently located to Napa and have been surprised with the lack of vegan options. My husband had driven by this restaurant regularly and always wanted to try it. We went last weekend and LOVED it! He had the mapo tofu and I had broccoli and tofu. It was delicious. We will be regulars. Love your blog! I have a site with recipes and mostly running blog posts at

Response from Jenn
Yay! I'm so glad you made the drive up to st. Helena for the best Chinese food in the valley! Where else have you tried in Napa for vegan food? I have a whole list of recommendations for vegan in Napa Valley. Let me know if you need any more recommendations. Email me: or DM my instagram @thatjennngirl. Welcome to Napa!