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I 'Shroom Five Times a Day

Is my title click bait or what? Well it must have worked if it got you here! The title is correct, just not the psychedelic mushrooms you may have been thinking of. In the past year I’ve been adding in adaptogenic elixirs into my daily routine. I wanted to share with you the ideal day on how to include mushrooms throughout the day and why it’s beneficial to your health.

Upon waking, I like to have a CORDYCEPS first thing in the morning before my workout. Cordyceps supports energy levels, stamina, and it’s the secret ingredient for an athletic performance. An addition to helping with fatigue, Cordyceps is the anti- ager of the mushroom kingdom. One study found that cordyceps extract was able to dramatically increase powerhouse antioxidants superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase. This special fungus also decreased pro-inflammatory monoamine oxidase and lipid peroxidation activity which causes us to age.

After my workout, I enjoy a nice cup of MUSHROOM MATCHA while I get ready for work. I like to add a little bit of almond milk with it to make it creamy. The mushroom matcha mix has lion’s mane mushroom, astragalus and ginger. Matcha has a bit of caffeine in it, as well as L-theanine which is a relaxing amino acid, which helps the body feel balanced in energy. Astragalus helps protect your body from occasional stress, and the hint of ginger for digestion.

I like to add a teaspoon of ASHWAGANDHA into my matcha mix because it helps enhance focus and mental stamina, reduces irritability and stress-related carb cravings. In India, ashwagandha is known as the "strength of the stallion" because it has traditionally been used to strengthen the immune system after illness. And also because of its ability to enhance your stamina and work as a natural stress reliever. (Note: Ashwagandha root is not a mushroom)

Once I get into the office and settle in, I’ll have a cup of LION'S MANE as I get my work day going. Lion’s mane has brain supporting benefits, both short and long term memory, and concentration. If you struggle with brain fog or memory loss, Lion’s mane mushrooms have the ability to regenerate and protect brain tissue. I feel that it helps me concentrate during work and gets my creative juices flowing.

After lunch is when the CHAGA mushroom comes out to play. Which is my favorite mushroom. Chaga is filled with antioxidant properties, having the ability to fight off harmful free radicals, also shown to have immune balancing effects as well. Chaga also has been shown to be able to fight off viruses. In one study, the water-based extract of chaga exhibited antiviral activity against common viral infections such as the flu. If that wasn't enough reasons to start drinking chaga, studies show that chaga is a cancer killer. Certain cancers of the liver, and lung and brain, were all decreased with chaga. A cup of chaga a day really keeps the doctor away.

My last mushroom of the day is REISHI, I have a cup after dinner about an hour before bedtime. Studies have shown that the Reishi mushroom supports the body’s sleep cycles and commonly used for people who suffer from insomnia.. The chinese name "Reishi" translates to "spirit mushroom", because it is believed that mushrooms are nourishing to the spirit. Studies have also shown that the reishi decreases excessive fat storage seen in people struggling with weight gain and lower blood sugars in diabetics.

There you have it! I don’t always do this everyday but I really enjoy adding in mushrooms when I can. You guys are probably wondering what these elixirs taste like. They do not taste like mushrooms. I really enjoy the flavor but to some the taste may be bitter and it’s definitely an acquired taste. But these elixirs can easily be mixed in with your favorite teas or into smoothies to receive the health benefits. I highly recommend adding mushrooms into your daily routine! Let me know if you also ‘shroom on the daily!

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By Rick Rodriguez about 1882 days ago

Hi Jenn,

I bought two elixirs. Giving it try!



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Let me know what you think!