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The Barry's Boot Camp Addiction is REAL

My love affair began in the summer of 2017, August 23, 2017 at 6:40pm to be exact. It was a Wednesday which meant a chest, back, and abs day. My first instructor was Vidal, and I remember him having really high, intense energy, which increased my already high nerves even more. I don’t remember much about what happened during the 60 minute class but what I do remember, I left drenched in sweat...I wanted more.


I started taking Barry’s 3-5 times a week along with a couple SoulCycle classes in between Barry’s. Before work, after work, whenever I could reserve a class. After about a month into my addiction, Ben thought we should check out Equinox, thinking that I was addicted to group fitness classes and Equinox offers a variety of classes for members.


Ben and I both signed up for Equinox in October 2017, and I started going full time to Equinox, trying out all the classes they offered. From yoga, barre, and ballet classes to high intensity, kickboxing, cycle beats, and best butt ever. I had a lot of fun trying out all the different group fitness classes and meeting lots of great people but I missed Barry’s.


I started adding in Barry’s back into my workout routine. I urged Ben to try Barry’s with me but he was skeptical at first, but once dipped his toes in, he cannon balled right into doing Barry’s three times a week. After about ten months, Ben and I decided to leave Equinox. Simply because the classes just couldn’t compare to Barry’s.

San Diego

5 Reasons Why Barry’s is the best workout EVER and why YOU should be a #Barry’sBabe:

1. You are never bored with the workout - every class is different and you never know what’s going to happen. #DirtyThirty (All you barry’s babes know what this means)

2. The instructors are motivating - they shout and swear a little but its all for your own good I promise. They have great energy, positive vibes, and always there to push you to achieve greatness.

3. You’re sweating within the first five minutes of class - From start to finish, the class is intense but in a good way. You know you’re not wasting your time or money when you workout at Barry’s. By the end of the class you are drenched in sweat.

4. 60 minutes goes by quickly - The instructor keeps the class interesting by alternating between the treadmill and floor groups and keeping the workout interesting with the different workouts. Time flies when you’re sweating a Barry’s!

5. Everyone works to their own ability - the instructor provides three different running speed levels and weight sizes for the floor portion. Although you do what you can, you still push yourself to the best of your ability because everyone around you is doing the same and it’s motivating to workout with a group that is also working hard.

I recommend trying Barry's Boot Camp just once and let me know what you think!



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By Chad about 1793 days ago

Did you literally just walk around a Barry's and take all these photos of yourself? Amazing....

Response from Jenn
Hi Chad! I took the classes at various locations and took photos after the class :)