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Vegan in the Napa Valley - The Restaurant at Meadowood

The Napa Valley is well known for it’s fine wines and even more for it's fine dining (Hello French Laundry), some say it’s Disneyland for adults. I was born and raised in Napa and as a kid growing up in the valley, let me tell you, it was pretty BORING! Now that I’m an adult I can appreciate all the restaurants with the finest cuisines, paired well with the finest wines. Locals are so spoiled with the culinary talents in the Napa Valley.

I grew up working in the restaurant industry, because my family has owned restaurants since I was three years old. With that, I met a lot of local restaurateurs and wine makers who always invited me to come by their restaurant or winery. However, I never actually got to enjoy a lot of Napa Valley’s finest restaurants like most tourists do until now.

One restaurant that is very well known, has three Michelin stars, highly talked about in the valley, and a place I’ve always dreamed of visiting, is The Restaurant at Meadowood. Ben and I have been talking about visiting TRAM for awhile now and finally decided to make a reservation for a weekend we were going to be in Napa.

Green Almonds treated like Olives

Field Peas (2.0)

Since Ben and I are both vegan, I wanted to make sure Chef Kostow and the team were able to accomodate us. Of course, the team at Meadowood have thought of everything, and sent an email asking us questions about our dietary restrictions to ensure we would have the best experience.

Squash Blossom Fermented Peppers
Grilled Tiny Corn

When we arrived to The Restaurant at Meadowood, we were greeted out front and led to our table for the evening. Our server started us off with a glass of sparkling wine and in no time our vegan experience at TRAM began.

Rancho Gordo Beans
Lily Bulb Dumpling

Each course was presented in beautiful detail, you could just tell everything was well thought out so that every bite had meaning.

Potatoes Cooked in Beeswax

Torchon Chrysanthemum Cilantro

Roasted Cauliflower Olive Oil
Vegetable Broth

Once all the courses were devoured, and our wine was getting low, our server offered us a tour of their kitchen. And that’s where I saw my long time customer and friend, Jeremy. He gave us a great behind the scenes of how the timing of the food running went. He even gave me the slip that showed exactly what time each of our dish went out.

Our Corn Blanquette
Kohlrabi Wild Mustard Vadouvan

Melon Sorbet Shiso Sorghum
Berries Cocoa Nibs Chocolate

Preserved Fruits

I am so lucky and happy to have been finally able to have dinner at The Restaurant at Meadowood. Thank you to the team at Meadowood who gave us such an unforgettable experience.

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By evelyn hernandez about 2094 days ago

Love the plates they use for serving, and the food looks amazing!