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Vegan in L.A.: Cafe Gratitude

When Ben and I went on our Rich Roll Road Trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles for the showing of the film Running for Good. We decided to stay in Venice right on the beach and within walking distance of Abbot Kinney and lots of amazing restaurants. One of the amazing vegan restaurants I had to try was Café Gratitude.

Café Gratitude is 100% plant based restaurant that supports health and sustainability for the community and the planet. "We practice business through a term we call "Sacred Commerce", where we provide inspired service, honest and transparent communication, and express gratitude for the richness of our lives." Café Gratitude has six locations in southern california and their sister restaurant is the famous vegan mexican restaurant Gracias Madre.

The menu lists items as affirmations so when you order you say, "I am Connected" (Chips and guac) or "I am Intuitive" (french fries)

I am Eclectic

Once you’ve placed your order, the server will leave you with a question of the day, which is intended to create great dinner conversation. Our question of the day was "What makes you feel appreciated?" Aside from the positive vibes, great service and trendy decor, the food was delicious! We ordered two starters: Buffalo Cauliflower - flash-fried cauliflower, adobo buffalo sauce, celery, spicy cashew aioli and Spicy Sautéed Broccolini - tempeh bacon, red chili flakes, coconut avocado cream.

I am Bright

For my main, I ordered the bibimbap bowl - crispy brown rice, kim chee, oyster mushroom bulgogi, daikon, sea palm, cucumber, chickpea frittata, bibimbap sauce

I am Evolved

Ben ordered the Indian Curry Bowl - red lentil dal, spinach, roasted garnet yams, coconut mint chutney, spicy tomato jam, brown rice or quinoa.

I am Humble

We loved Café Gratitude so much that we went to their San Diego location for Breakfast! I tried their Chilaquiles and the Cinnamon Roll. OMG both were soooooo goooooooood!

I am Festive

Everything was absolutely delicious! I wish we were staying longer so I could come back and try everything on the menu. I highly recommend checking out Café Gratitude if you’re in southern California.

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