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What I Eat: On Vacation in Maui

Traveling is one of my passions and something I get to do often. In my previous "What I Eat" posts I’ve showed you my healthy days when I’m not travelling. I wanted to share a what I eat post when I am traveling and eating out as most my meals. I was in Hawaii for 10 days and I kept track of what I ate to show everyone that I’m not always super healthy and that I like to have a good time!

Fasted Cardio

Pelaton Bike

Yes that’s right. I work out even when I’m on vacation. Why? Because why not? Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your fitness goals gets put on pause. Since vacations are all about eating and drinking it’s especially important to work out since you’re consuming way more calories than you normally do when you’re home so why not start your morning by moving your body and sweating as much alcohol as you can before your next mimosa.

I had so much fun trying out the Pelaton Bike. I went a little crazy and did a 45 minute class AND a 30 minute class. I seriously could be on this bike for hours it was so much fun!

Calories burned: 483


Granola w/ soy milk

After my workout I made myself a delicious bowl of crunchy granola with soy milk. Nothing special about this breakfast, we went to the grocery store and picked up some groceries and that’s what I was feeling after my workout.


Morimoto in Maui

I am a huge fan of Chef Morimoto and sushi! Did you know that Iron Chef Morimoto cooked me a vegan dinner? Yep check it out it was awesome! So of course we had to check out Morimoto Maui. Morimoto is located inside the Andaz Resort in Wailea. We ordered with usual: Avocado rolls, Avocado hand rolls, a variety of veggie rolls, and edamame. All of this paired with two glasses of Schramsberg sparkling wine.

After lunch we went to Big Beach to relax, dipped our toes in the ocean, and checked out Little Beach as well. The weather was nice and the sunset was gorgeous!


Pasta w/ (VEGAN) meatballs & steamed veggies + Glass of red wine

Our hotel room had a full kitchen which allowed us to cook a couple meals when we just wanted to chill and watch a movie. After traveling for over a week and eating out for all our meals it’s nice to be able to eat a home cooked meal in the comfort of your hotel room. I just love a simple pasta with traditional tomato sauce (and don't forget the vegan meatballs!) It was the perfect comfort food for me to have being away from home for more than a week.

Maui was amazing! Check out my full post: Moments in Maui

Totals for the day

Calories: 1,468

Burned Calories: 483

Fiber: 33g



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By Tricia B. about 1997 days ago

The food looks and sounds amazing! Maybe Maui will be my next trip!

Response from Jenn
Maui was beautiful especially the sunsets!