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What I Eat: Vegan Cheat Day with the Mylk Guys

Some days you do yoga and have a green juice and some days you eat tacos, it’s called balance. Since most of my "What I Eat" series shows the importance of a fiber filled whole food plant based lifestyle, I wanted to switch it up and show you that some days I’m all about that vegan junk food.

I’ve partnered up with the Mylk Guys to bring you the most amazing vegan brands and the best vegan shopping experience for anyone who is just starting out vegan or a vegan veteran. The Mylk Guys is a one stop shop for all your vegan groceries. It’s the best way to find the newest brands even the small ones that need more recognition. If you’re interested in trying the Mylk Guys out I have a promo code for you to receive $10 off your first order!



I haven’t had waffles since I’ve been vegan. I’ve had plenty of pancakes but not waffles. SO when I saw these Nature’s Path Gluten Free Home Style Waffles I had to try them. I spread an even layer of almond butter and topped with sliced bananas. YUM!

To accompany my waffles I made a scramble. Have you guys heard of Just Egg? It’s a plant based scramble made entirely from mung beans that look and has the consistency of scrambled eggs. I’ve been wanting to try this out for awhile now and I’m so excited Mylk Guys had it in stock. This scramble was the perfect savory to my sweet waffles.


Being vegan in 2019 is super easy because there are alternatives for everything. Like fishless tuna! I found Loma Linda’s Fishless Tuna and immediately was craving a tuna fish sandwich. I simply just added red onions , Follow Your Heart Vegenaise, and toasted two slices of Food for Life: Ezekiel 4:9 Bread and voila! I have a delicious fishless tuna sandwich for lunch.


The Mylk Guys offers so many delicious vegan desserts and snacks that it was so hard to choose just one but when I saw Alternative Baking Company I knew I had to have it because it’s my favorite vegan cookie of all time. This cookie is so chocolaty and the perfect amount of softness.


Let’s TACO bout Cena Vegan Carne Asada Plant Based Meats this tastes just like carne asada. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Just try it! Taco night is so fun. I love building my own taco. I just heat up corn, black beans, zucchini, make a side of spanish rice, and serve with guacamole and spicy salsa. Oh and whole wheat flour tortillas. It’s party time!

Totals for the day


Fiber: 49g

Carbohydrates: 155g


I don’t eat like this everyday because although everything is vegan it’s not nutritionally beneficial to my health. But every once in awhile it’s fun to eat a vegan cookie and try new fun vegan products like Just Egg. I hope you enjoyed reading this post because I enjoyed eating everything!

Check out my favorite Mylk Guys products here.

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By Laura Albanese about 1911 days ago

Your cheat day looks like my normal day, ha! That Cena Vegan mock meat is no joke... so good. Do you like that fishless tuna? I used to eat tuna a lot before I went veg, but mostly because it was low cal and a protein.

Response from Jenn
I typically eat really healthy with not a lot of mock meats, those days are special for me to try something fun and new. The Loma fishless tuna was good but messy in a sandwich. I would recommend making it in a salad. The texture was similar to tuna as well. Let me know if you try it!
By Crystal about 1913 days ago

Ooooh! All of this looks so yummy! Love plant based treat days 😋 Thanks for sharing these awesome products!

Response from Jenn
Hi Crystal! Thanks for reading! If you've never ordered from you should use my promo code to get $10 off your first order! Cheers to yummy vegan food!