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Vegan Beauty: Petit Vour

When I entered my thirties I knew I had to step up my skincare game to keep my skin looking forever young. I started getting regular dermaplaning, once a month facials, frequent face masks, and making sure I take off all my makeup before going to bed (goodbye 20s). I’ve also been perfecting my skincare routine by finding vegan and cruelty free beauty and makeup brands that I love.

To be honest I was kind of a snob when it came to brands. I felt like they needed to be an established brand and have crazy good reviews before I even consider trying out the product. Then I realized that I was missing out on great brands out there that are new and up and coming and I didn’t know where to start to find these products. Then I found Petit Vour.

Petit Vour is a monthly subscription beauty box filled with vegan, cruelty free, and non toxic beauty and makeup products. Every month a new box with new brands to try out. The box includes a note card that explains the beauty theme of the month and a description of each product you've received. Each box is free of animal testing, animal ingredients, and harmful toxins. It’s the best and easiest way for me to discover and try new brands.

If you’ve been thinking about transitioning your beauty routine to a cleaner and cruelty free lifestyle but don’t know where to start, Petit Vour is the perfect place to begin.

Disclaimer: I receive a small percentage of commission from anything bought via the product links above. It doesn't cost you any more and it’s more of a little thank you to me for inspiring a possible purchase.

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