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What I Eat: Featuring Liz Kapran

Liz Kapran is an entrepreneur (Mylk and Hunni), a lover of (cruelty free) fashion, and has the most beautiful instagram feed, Lilveggiekween. I met Liz through instagram, I was instantly attracted to her edgy style and because she’s a fellow vegan. So naturally, I asked her to be a guest on "What I Eat" and was so excited when she agreed! I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did!

My name is Liz. I’m a city girl based in Toronto, Ontario, currently studying the creative industries and specializing in digital marketing. I am obsessed with bagels, I order Starbucks every time I leave the house, I have a very unique (sometimes outlandish) fashion sense and I love living a life where my desires do not impede on other being’s lives.

Pretty much sums it up.

I started my Instagram page as a way of showcasing the practicality and attractiveness of a vegan lifestyle. Fast forward to a bit over a year, I’ve had countless people reach out to me and thanking me for influencing them to pursue veganism, or at least make minor adjustments in their diets and lifestyles. Not to mention I managed to grow myself a close-knit, mini community filled with inspiring, positive and supportive people. Nothing beats that!

"Why did you go vegan?" Vegan or not, universally, that’s everyone's first question whenever encountering someone who says they’re vegan. Usually, judging by their answer, you can tell whether or not that person is genuinely pursuing veganism for the right reasons - or they’re attempting to adopt the diet to achieve a certain goal in terms of fitness, or whatever the personal reason may be. Now, let me tell you why I went vegan since I’m sure you’re bursting to know.

Just over 3 years ago, I suffered from acute gastritis. Not to go all doctor’s terminology on you, but it’s essentially when the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed or eroded, or in my case, was starting to tear. I couldn't eat anything, drink anything, not even water, or I would immediately fall to the floor with what would feel like flames going from the bottom of my gut to the top of my chest. So, the doctor said, cut out all meat and dairy. So, I did. Since that day, I haven’t consumed any animal products. So in short, initially I went vegan for health reasons. But, very soon after I delved into the community of vegans on Instagram and witnessed the atrocities that so many are conditioned to believe are normal, I immediately disconnected with my health reasons and gastritis or not, decided I was going to be vegan for the rest of my life, not for myself, but for others. Now, I am vegan for pretty much every damn reason that exists.

Now, onto the fun stuff! What I actually eat every day as a vegan. I am a huge foodie - and being vegan only makes the fact that I'm a foodie way more exciting and interesting. How many meat eaters can say that they can go to a restaurant, and really decipher between one steak and another, both seasoned to heck and not much flavour at all on its own (not to mention they’ll probably feel like crap after eating two steaks, lol). I, on the other hand, can tell you, in a heartbeat, what a good vegan burger is and what isn’t, and will still feel like a million bucks after eating two and then some.

To generalize, I probably have 1 out of 3 healthy meals a day, the rest are definitely junky foods. Balance, am I right? But don’t get your panties in a twist - despite my foodie ways, somehow, as a vegan, all my b12, iron, calcium, you name it, are all in check. Just to add, I do not count my calories (that’s lame) and being vegan and going consistently to the gym allows me to maintain a really good physique super easily because I don’t have to restrict AT ALL. Now, let's dive into a day of me eating really yummy vegan food.

With my second semester starting back up, my days go a little something like this: I head out the door and never forget my metal straws, and pop up at my local Starbucks. My order is either a double shot of espresso over ice with almond milk or more recently since it's below zero in Toronto right now, I get a dry blonde cappuccino with almond milk.

Today, I got the cappuccino because it’s the only thing that keeps my eyes slightly open while I’m at my lectures and because it’s freezing! Most days my breakfast is an on-the-go bagel at my local vegan bakery. Today’s bagel was filled over-the-top with avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion. TIP: get your bagels scooped out for extra filling room!

For lunch, my campus is in the heart of downtown so eating vegan is super easy and there are tons of options. My fav for a campus lunch is a Thai restaurant called Basil Box, where you can customize your own box whether it be noodles, rice or a salad - all vegan! My go-to is rice noodles with tofu, sweet potatoes, corn, creamy peanut sauce and EXTRA dill veggies.

When I finally get home and it’s time for dinner, that's when I usually love to grab a glass of rose and get really creative in the kitchen, but if it’s a really busy night and I'm loaded with work and school work, then I opt for some nice vegan take-out nearby. Luckily today was one of those fun, wine-tipsy, improv dinner nights! I made dinner for the family, and Italian was on the menu. I cheated a little with the vegan store-bought pizza, but I managed to make the bolognese and Caprese salad all vegan, all by myself. The Caprese salad was actually my fav part of dinner - I was very surprised with how the vegan bocconcini turned out!

And that’s a little snippet of what I eat in a day, as a vegan, college, city girl! That was a mouthful, and so is mine after scarfing down all of that yummy plant-based food today. I hope you enjoyed the read!

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