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Friday Favorites: Podcast Episodes that will inspire you to go Plant-Based

Podcasts are all the rage right now. My daily new obsession is listening to a podcast during my morning cardio session. Podcasts give me inspiration, motivation, and it's a great way to learn something new every day. I wanted to share episodes from my favorite podcasts that have given me lots of great information on the plant-based diet and how it can benefit in different ways. I hope you give these episodes a listen, and it gives you the motivation and knowledge to make simple changes for a better mind, body, and soul.

Eat Plants for Better Skin

"There's just something about taking care of yourself that is self-love and self-respect" - Dr. Mona Vand

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast is the first podcast I ever listened to. You can say I'm an OG subscriber. I've listened to every single episode, even the first ones where the sound was terrible, and the episodes made no sense. I discovered Dr. Mona Vand on The Skinny Confidential Podcast. I'm so grateful because I love all her tips and tricks on how to get beautiful glowing skin through eating fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Mona Vand is a pharmacist who understands wellness on a chemical level and believes that wellness stems from nutrition, exercise, and mindset. She has been featured on NBC, The Telegraph, and The Doctors.

Check out the episode: Dr. Mona Vand - Therapy, Relationship Stress, Plant-Based Diets, Food Combining & Living Outside The Box

Key Takeaways:

Eat Plants for Better Sex

"In the spirit of simplicity, eat well, move more, stress less, and love more. It's really that simple" - Anne Ornish

Nutrition Rounds Podcast is my favorite podcast to get all my nutrition information through scientific evidence-based approach. Dr. Danielle Belardo M.D. is a cardiologist and an advocate of a plant-based lifestyle.

Dr. Dean Ornish is a physician who laid the foundation for lifestyle medicine to treat and prevent heart disease. He is the president and founder of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute and Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. Author of Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease, Eat More, Weigh Less, The Spectrum, and his newest book "Un Do it" with his wife, Anne Ornish.

Anne Ornish is a mother, a wife, and the creator of Ornish Lifestyle Medicine digital platform. She has over 25 years of advanced training in yoga and meditation and even featured on the cover of Yoga Journal.

Check out the episode:Dr. Dean Ornish and Anne Ornish

Key Takeaways:

Eat Plants for Healthy Hormones

"Plant-based eating is the best form of self-care. To put simple, easy to process, gives you the nutrients your body needs and doesn't negatively impact how your body is supposed to function." - Dr. Natalie Crawford

Dr. Natalie Crawford is a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility physician. She is plant-based and promotes fertility awareness.

Check out the episode:Dr. Natalie Crawford

Key Takeaways:

Eat Plants for the Animals

"The ethical argument for veganism is rock solid but if you're screaming at someone "Meat is Murder!", is that going to make them reduce their demand for animal products? Or is a different approach more effective? The vast majority of the mainstream is going to be affected by patient and kind communication" - Carly Taylor

Simon Hill from The Plant Proof Podcast has the most amazing guests, from all walks of life, who all have one thing in common. It's no surprise that his podcast is an excellent resource for all things vegan.

James Aspey and Carly Taylor are both animal activists. They are passionate about speaking out for the voiceless victims, spreading awareness on the effects of factory farming on the environment, and how eating animals is unnecessary for health. They are a veganism power couple.

Check out the episode:Protecting the innocent with Carly Taylor & James Aspey

Key Takeaways:

Eat Plants for Weight Loss

"Many people don't change until the pain associated with change is less than the pain of staying the same." - Chef AJ

I discovered Chef AJ on The Rich Roll Podcast. Chef AJ has been plant-based for 40 years. She is the host of a cooking show, "Healthy Living with Chef AJ". From Junk food vegan to whole food plant-based Chef. Chef AJ has created the Ultimate Weight Loss Program, which has helped hundreds of people achieve the health and the body that they deserve.

Check out the episode:Chef AJ - Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets With Chef AJ

Key Takeaways:

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