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How Airbnb almost ruined my trip to Scottsdale, Arizona

Every year Ben and I head to Scottsdale, Arizona for spring training, beautiful hikes, and to soak up that desert sun. We’ve really enjoyed Scottsdale every time we visited that we’ve contemplated making the move out of California to Arizona. We wanted to absorb everything Scottsdale had to offer, so we rented an Airbnb in the heart of downtown Scottsdale. We had plans to walk around, ride scooters, and get a feel of what it would feel like to be a local.

Unfortunately all that was put on pause because we were denied access to our Airbnb. We were left out on the curb with our luggage scrambling to find a place to stay for the night. You’re probably thinking, "WHAT!? They can’t do that!" Oh but they can. Apparently this situation isn’t uncommon and happens all the time with Airbnb. If you look closely at Airbnb reviews of rentals many vacation goers are left stranded due to last minute cancelled reservations.

Spring training is a very popular time of the year for Scottsdale, all hotels were at maximum capacity and prices were triple the normal rate. Airbnb customer service was actively trying to find us another place to stay for the same price we booked (we booked over 6 months in advanced). So you can imagine what these Airbnb rentals look like: grandma’s house or a fraternity party house. Which would you choose? When I’m traveling somewhere for over a week I want to be comfortable and I want the place to have a cute kitchen that is modern and clean. Is that too much to ask for?

Airbnb was unable to meet our needs so we ended up just getting a refund and found a hotel about a 20 minute drive from downtown Scottsdale (No walking or scooting) We continued on with our plans for a few days in Scottsdale and managed to still have a good time regardless of Airbnb.

Here are my highlights:

Giants Game

I love going to spring training because it gets me excited for baseball season. We were only able to go to two games this year but it was great to see all the veteran players as well as the new players. The best part? I got a ball! I can't wait to watch a few games this year at Oracle Park! (Formally known as AT&T Park)

Frank Lloyd Wright House Tour

Frank Lloyd Wright is an american architect and designer who has designed over 1,000 structures and believed in "Organic Architecture" in which the designs are in harmony with humanity and the environment. Frank’s Taliesin West house was built in 1937 which overlooks Paradise Valley. Taliesin West was Frank’s winter home until his death in 1959 at age 91. Today, the house is the main campus for The School of Architecture at Taliesin and headquarters of The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. I found the house to be very similar to the Winchester Mystery House how it had very interesting quirks and special builds around Frank's stubborn personality. If you love architecture and design this tour is a must see.

The Beverly

The Beverly is a trendy cocktail lounge with delicious vegan small bites. I literally ordered everything that was vegan on their menu. Impossible meatballs, flat bread, sweet potato fries, gardein chickn’ sliders, brussels sprouts, and stuffed mushrooms. And of course lots of bubbly to go with everything. I highly recommend The Beverly for a fun and classy night out in Scottsdale.


Verdura is a new plant based eatery in Phoenix. Ben and I went to Verdura 3 times during the 5 days we spent in Scottsdale because it was THAT good! Not only was the food delicious but the ambiance was on point. Hip, trendy, with plenty of comfortable seating. I am a nacho connoisseur and Verdura’s "Carne Asada Nachos" were pretty amazing. I can’t wait to head back to Scottsdale for more Verdura!

Casa Terra

Casa Terrais Arizona’s first fine dining vegan restaurant located in Glendale. Owner and Executive Chef Jason Wyrick created dishes to reflect flavors of Mexico and the Mediterranean.

Ben and I had a great time in Scottsdale but we kept contemplating on cutting our trip short and forgetting about the unfortunate situation with Airbnb. We stayed positive and decided to make the most out of our trip. We rented a car and drove 100 miles north of Scottsdale to Sedona. Read about our spontaneous road trip: Road Trip in Arizona

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