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What I Eat: VegFest L.A.

People come to Los Angeles to chase their dreams. I came to eat all the vegan food at VegFest L.A. If you know me, I love vegan festivals, and Los Angeles is one location I had to check off my bucket list. L.A. is one of the top vegan food hot spots, there are great vegan restaurants everywhere. I knew the festival would be amazing and believe me it did not disappoint. Here is everything I ate at VegFest L.A.

Alicia Silverstone

No, I did not eat Alicia Silverstone. Alicia was a guest speaker at VegFest. I listened to her speak about her journey to veganism and what it’s like to raise a vegan child. She created The Kind Life which is about living your healthiest and happiest life to the fullest while taking care of mother earth all at once. Alicia was a fantastic speaker and a beautiful person inside and out. I enjoyed hearing about her journey, and I look forward to reading her books; The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama.

Roni Macaroni

Roni Macaroni food truck was close from the speaker tent, and I’m so glad we stopped here first. I tried the mac and cheese with sausage, and this was the best vegan macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had. The sauce was creamy, the noodles were perfectly cooked, and the sausage was just the cherry on top.

The Big Cheese

Once I got the taste of vegan cheese, I wanted more. Our next stop was The Big Cheese. We ordered, "The Intern" with chao cheese, grilled onions, and tomato on sourdough bread. Grilled cheese is so simple but yet so delicious.

Los Colorines Pupusa

As we walked around the venue, checking out all the vendors, we spotted pupusas! The pupusas had spinach and mushrooms in them, and they were so delicious.

Donut Friend

I’m always envious of people on Instagram posting their delicious vegan doughnuts. When I saw Donut Friend, I knew I had to have a vegan doughnut. I only wanted one, and there were so many different choices to choose from, but I went with a classic rainbow sprinkle. It was delicious, and everything I had hoped it would be.

Vagabond Vieiras Vegan Pizza

Vegan pizza is life. Vagabond Vieiras Vegan has a vegan Margherita pizza that is amazing. The crust is not too thin and has a good crisp to it.

Ono Sushi Burrito

The last and final place we stopped at was Ono for the famous vegan shrimp sushi burrito. Who doesn’t love a sushi burrito? I love nori and rice with some wasabi, and we have a party. The vegan shrimp was good! It had a great flavor of seafood, and the texture is similar to a shrimp.

Youtube Panel

The best part of VegFest L.A. was the speakers. We’ve never stayed longer than 2 hours at a festival, but at this one, we stayed for 5 hours because we had a great time sitting in and listening to all the speakers. We listened to Gene Bauer speak on behalf of Farm Sanctuary, an athlete panel discussing their workout regime and what they eat as a vegan athlete, and a youtube influencer panel. I am a huge fan of Mic the Vegan, he is so funny and produces great videos. If you’ve never seen his videos, they are super informative with lots of data research on all things vegan.

Thank you VegFest L.A. for an amazing event! I ate well, learned a lot, and got some cute vegan booty shorts! See you next year.

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