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What I Eat: Featuring Classically Cait

Cait Catto is a vegan babe from Canada. I found Cait through instagram, @Classically_Cait, I was drawn by her beautiful home decor and her adorable pup! When she told me that her husband was a "pre-vegan", I was interested to know what she cooked at home for the both of them. So naturally, I asked her to be a guest on "What I Eat" and was so excited when she agreed! I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did!

My name is Cait! I’m a Canadian vegan lifestyle blogger (by day I work as a Registered Dental Hygienist, and I’m also a professional makeup artist). I have been vegan for over two years now! I live with my husband, who is my best friend, Jared, in Calgary, AB. I was excited when Jenn reached out to me for this post.

As I mentioned, I have been vegan for about two and a half years. My sister began her vegan journey a year before I made the switch, and that’s how I started learning about veganism. I competed in a fitness competition, after switching to a plant-based diet for six months, and I ended up placing in the top five of both my classes. Anything is possible on a plant-based diet!

I started my blog Classically Cait as a resource for vegans and anyone who wants to incorporate more plants into their diet, as well as living a cruelty-free lifestyle. My blog focuses on fashion, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, and of course, vegan food. I provide chic advice for a vegan life.

Let’s get to the good part; what we eat in a day. Now let me preface this by saying my husband isn’t vegan (yet*). Since I went vegan, my husband has drastically reduced his meat consumption and no longer eats pork or beef. Jared will usually eat what I cook and has come to enjoy some of my favorite plant-based recipes. What we eat in a day will satisfy even the meat-eaters in your life- I guarantee it!!!


Not your basic avocado toast.

I make my avocado toast on whole wheat sprouted bread. Then I add red and green onions, cherry tomatoes, Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning and sriracha (I put this on everything). I also add in some
Yevs breakfast patties, my husband loves these and says they taste very similar to the real thing.


A hearty mixed green salad

I use up all the veggies we have in the fridge and top with garlic salt and a balsamic dressing. A simple green salad would not be enough for my husband on its own, so I added pasta as well. This recipe is from the Oh She Glows cookbook (which I love!). The only modification I made in this recipe is I substituted the pasta noodles for chickpea pasta for a boost in extra protein.


For dinner, I made one of our favorite homemade veggie burgers (topped with tomatoes, avocado, red onions, vegan mayo, and hot sauce). We added corn on the cob and a creamy vegan Caesar salad. Since today is a Saturday we decided to make the veggie burgers because it's one of our favorite recipes. During the week a few of our dinner staples are taco salads, hearty soups, and on colder nights we love doing crockpot meals like chili! I also get a lot of recipe ideas on Pinterest just search vegan dinners and lots of delicious options come up.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you some plant-based meal ideas! Please check out my blog: Classically Cait for more vegan inspiration!

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