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Vegan Post-Workout Eats

After any workout, it's essential to refuel with nutrients that will replenish lost fluids and help your body aid in recovery. My post-workout snacks aren't always the same since I like to change up my routine daily. Some days are more intense than others, depending on how I feel afterward. I've listed out my favorite vegan post-workout eats.


Some mornings I'm in a hurry and don't have time to make breakfast. That's why I like to keep Après handy for those times. These are great because it's filled with 14 grams of plant protein, 4 grams of metabolic fats (coconut oil), and electrolytes to replenish your body. It's also gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO plus, they taste delicious!

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Green Smoothie

A green smoothie is my favorite breakfast of all time because it's jam-packed with nutrients! My smoothie includes lots of greens, fiber, protein, healthy fats, and superfoods, which keeps me full for hours. I like to add maca powder to boost energy and regulating hormone balance, as well as spirulina for added protein and antioxidants.

Frozen kale or spinach
Protein powder
Chia seeds
Dash of ginger powder
Dash of turmeric



Whenever I want something warm and filling, my go-to is oatmeal. My recipe is super easy and nutritious. I love these 8 oz Mason Jars for taking my oatmeal on the go.

In a mason jar:
½ cup gluten-free oats
1 cup of water
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp almond butter
Lots of cinnamon
Top with sliced banana


Overnight oats

Whenever I have oat milk or almond milk, I like to make overnight oats. It's super convenient to make the night before, and when I'm headed to work, I take it out of the refrigerator and pop it in my backpack and take it with me.

½ cup gluten-free oats
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup oat or almond milk
Lots of cinnamon
Shake and leave in the refrigerator overnight
Top with any fruit (banana, blueberries, raspberries)


GoMacro Bar

If you know me, you know I like working out twice a day. On the days I do an extra class after work, I eat a GoMacro bar before my second workout of the day. My favorite bars contain 10 grams of plant protein and help me fuel my afternoon workout. Not only are GoMacro bars delicious and nutritious, they are a mother-daughter family business with an inspiring story. Check out their website for all the flavors they offer!

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