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Why I love my Peloton

The first time I tried the Peloton was in 2018 in Maui. The hotel we were staying at had a couple of bikes in the gym, and I hopped on one and didn’t get off for over two hours. Fast forward to today and not much has changed now that I have a Peloton of my own. I love working out, I go to group fitness classes several times a week on top of having a Peloton at home. However, if I was quarantined at home for let's say two weeks, I'd be ecstatic to have a Peloton! I've listed ten reasons why I love Peloton and why you should join the Peloton fan club.

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1. You can workout anytime you want - I am a morning person, and I love my morning workout. But if you work early and get home late, guess what? The Peloton is always ready for you to ride any time of the day.

2. There are so many different classes to choose from - From a fun 90’s ride to an intense Tabata ride, there is a class for everyone.

3. The instructors are motivating - In the beginning, I tried out a lot of the instructors, and you quickly start going back to your favorites. I have three: Emma Lovewell, Kendall Toole, and Ally Love, these instructors motivate and inspire me every morning!

4. You can work out with your friends - If your friends are just as cool as you are and have a Peloton too, you guys can meet in any class and ride together for some friendly competition and extra motivation.

5. Join a live class - Live classes are fun to join, especially if you’re competitive and want to rise to the top of the leaderboard. Plus, if you’re celebrating a milestone ride, the instructor may call out your name during class! High fives all around!

6. Fun challenges to join - Every month Peloton will have a goal for you to achieve: riding more than ten times in a month, every day for the month, or hitting a certain amount of miles per month.

7. Sick of cycling? - The Peloton App offers yoga, meditation, dancing, cardio, stretching, and strength training exercises.

8. Don’t feel like taking a class? - The Peloton offers a just ride option where you can choose a scenic setting and pretend you’re biking through the forest.

9. Only have 15 minutes to work out? - There’s a class for you. If you have 90 minutes, there’s a class for you too. If you’re like me, take a few classes a day, and you’re golden.

10. Keeps you accountable - Peloton will keep track of all the days and weeks you ride, and you earn badges when you keep your workout streak going!

If you’re thinking about getting one, I hope one of these ten reasons helps your decision to bite the bullet and get one!

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If you have a Peloton, find me - ThatJENNgirl - Let’s ride.

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By Emily The Jet Setting Fashionista about 1422 days ago

I'm obsessed with my Peloton too but had no idea how many other classes the Peloton app has to offer! So glad I found your blog :)

By Gigi about 1433 days ago

So excited I found your blog! My mom just bought a peloton and I can't wait to surprise her with accessories thanks to your page!