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Vegan Lunch Spots in Cabo San Lucas

My mornings in cabo are most of the time the same routine, unless I had one too many skinny margaritas and can’t get up, but it goes something like: wake up, workout, and eat lunch. I like to workout on an empty stomach, back home I like to have a protein smoothie but in cabo if I am feeling hungry I’ll have fruit and in Cabo they have the freshest fruit and it’s the best thing to have in the morning. By the time I’ve finished my workout and showered and ready for the day, I am pretty famished and ready to eat like a queen. I have compiled my go-to lunch spots in Cabo San Lucas, and I will keep updating this post when I find new amazing eats. Since I love these places so much I have created a separate post highlighting their amazingness, just click their name to find out more information.

Mint Jungle & Amber’s Market

Everything at Mint Jungle & Amber’s Market is gluten free! Sandwiches, pizza, salads, smoothies and baked goods. ALL. GLUTEN. FREE. My favorite is their veggie sandwich. I am obsessed. I always tell myself I’m going to order something new next time but nope I can’t. This place is great if you’re looking for something different from Mexican cuisine.

Penny Lane Cafe

Penny Lane is my go-to spot for brunch. In replace of our morning workout, Ben and I like to hike the up through pedregal and walk down to Penny Lane and have brunch. They have the most refreshing smoothies and juices that are perfect start to your day. Last time we went the owner made us a special vegan salad for us, and the chilaquiles are delicious. Once we are finished, we work off our brunch by hiking back to the house in Pedregal.


Mako is the first vegan/vegetarian restaurant we found in Cabo and it still remains my favorite. They offer nachos, burgers, hot dogs, tacos, burrito bowls, pasta and pizza, OH MY! And I’ve had almost everything on the menu. My favorite is their nachos, topped with their homemade nut nacho cheese, soy chorizo, and all the fixings! YUM! Mako is definitely a heavier lunch than I would usually have but YOLO. Oh and you must try their blueberry margarita while you are here.

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