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Vegan in L.A.: ByChloe

My vegan foodie dreams came true when I finally got to eat at byCHLOE. I found out about byCHLOE from one of my favorite New York Youtuber’s Ashley Brooke. She is a plant based babe and has great fashion videos, check her youtube channel out!

byCHLOE is a 100% plant based, vegan, and eco friendly restaurant that serves hearty meals that nourishes our mind, body, and health. Luckily byCHLOE has a location in California which is just an easy 6 hour drive or a one hour flight from me, no big deal. Do it for the mac and cheese.

Ben and I already had plans to head south so we decided to make a pit stop in L.A. for the #VeganTacoParty and made sure that Barry’s bootcamp and byCHLOE was on our must do list.

On a beautiful sunny sunday morning in Los Angeles we did an hour hike up Runyon Canyon followed by a full body workout at Barry’s Bootcamp. By the time we arrived at byCHLOE for lunch we were famished and ready to eat! I had done a little bit of research on what the best thing to order at byCHLOE and decided I had to try the the guac burger, mac N cheese, and a chocolate chip cookie. Ben ordered the pesto meatball sandwich. I also got a fresh coconut for my beverage and it was the most refreshing coconut I’ve ever had.

The Guac burger was so delicious I ate the entire thing even though I was planning on sharing. Oops. The mac N Cheese was really creamy and had these tasty mushroom bits on top for added crunch. I wish I lived closer to a byCHLOE so I could try everything on the menu but I would probably gain 10 lbs.

Everything about byCHLOE is my vibe. I love their cute packaging, their menu is amazing, and the food is just out of this world. If you live near a byCHLOE location I’m just jealous of you and if you’ve never been I recommend you book a flight and go!

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By Briana about 2026 days ago

I have to come here! Looks amazing!


By mary about 2026 days ago

omg, i've seen this place on instagram -- it's so dreamy! good to know that the food is actually yummy, too!

By Caitlin | Beauty & Colour about 2029 days ago

By Chloe is seriously one of my favorite fast casual places, I love Veggie Grill too! It's always so nice finding other vegan bloggers! xo

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