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Vegan in Napa Valley: Yak and Yeti

Whenever I head back to Napa there are three restaurants that I always have to visit when I’m home. 1: Vegan in Napa Valley: Golden Harvest, 2. Pizza Azzuro (I’m obsessed with their spinach manchiata) and 3. Yak and Yeti. Yak and Yeti is a mix of Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine. These dishes are inspired by the recipes that fueled trekkers along their way to Everest Base Camp.

Ben and I have been to Yak and Yeti quite a few times and the staff knows our order pretty well and has become super helpful with letting us know what dishes on the menu are vegan and also what dishes they can make vegan. One of the newest dishes that has become my favorite is the Tika Masala made with coconut milk.

We always start with an order of the veggie momos. They are steamed and filled with yummy veggie goodness. I always ask for the spicy hot sauce on the side.

Veggie Momos

Alu Cauli Kerau

Our main staples are: Alu Cauli Kerau, Aloo Saag, Tofu Chili, Chana Masala, Basmati Rice, and Roti. (Yes that is a lot of food and yes we devour all of it)

Tofu Chili

Whenever Ben and I are traveling we always look for an Indian restaurant because there are always vegan options available. Same with any Asian restaurant. If the Happy Cow app doesn’t have any vegan restaurants in the area we always look for an Indian or Vietnamese Restaurant.

Saag Aloo


If you are ever in Napa and looking for delicious Indian comfort food, Yak and Yeti is the place to go!

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