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Spontaneous trip to Seattle

August was a busy travel month, but once our summer schedule came to an end, Ben and I decided to take a break from traveling. We said no trips in September, stay in the city, and focus on work. But then I looked at the tour schedule of my favorite band, A R I Z O N A, and saw that they were going to be in Seattle, Labor Day Weekend. We said, "LET’S GO!"

Moxy Hotel

I love Moxy Hotel. We stayed at a Moxy in New York and loved it so much that now I want to stay at all locations. The hotel is right in the heart of downtown Seattle, close to lots of restaurants (Hello Veggie Grill) and fitness studios. It was about a 10-minute walk to Barry’s boot camp, Flywheel, and Soulcycle. All of my favorite workouts in one location.

The rooms are small but perfect for those who are out all day and just need a bed to sleep. I love the style of the hotel; it’s very trendy but with a lumberjack edge. This particular location was a bumble hot spot because the lobby was a hip hang out, and the check-in desk doubled as the bartender.


I love music festivals, I’ve been to Coachella, Bottlerock, Outsidelands and now I can add Bumbershoot to my list. I didn’t even know Seattle had a music festival. The festival is held at the Seattle Center right next to the Space Needle. The festival is small, with very few vendors. My favorite was the GTS Kombucha, free kombucha and a place to sit? I’m all over it.

I didn’t know any of the other bands performing besides Arizona and Carly Rae Jepsen, yep that’s right. Call me, maybe? Anyone? I was super excited to see Arizona, no one else mattered. Which was great because our time spent at Bumbershoot was short and sweet, just like me.

Pike Place Market

The famous Pike Place Market, where people throw dead fish around and stick bubble gum on the wall. Kidding but not really. Pike Place Market has been open since 1907 for farmers and consumers to buy and sell directly to cut out the whole sellers. I love the history of the Pike Place Market, and it’s a must-see if you’ve never been to Seattle before.

Seattle Great Wheel

A short walk from Pike Place Market is the Seattle Great Wheel. It’s a lovely walk along the piers. Seattle has many similarities as San Francisco, except San Francisco doesn’t have a giant Ferris wheel.

Starbucks Reserve

If you went to Seattle and didn’t drink coffee, did you even visit Seattle? Seattle is the birthplace of the original Starbucks, located in Pike Place Market. We decided to do a coffee tasting at the Starbucks Reserve at the experience bar. We tried two different beans made from the siphon process, which is a vacuum coffee maker that brews coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure and gravity produce coffee. The whole experience was so enjoyable, and it was fun watching coffee become an art.

Space Needle

When I think of Seattle, I think of the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" and the Space Needle! Probably because it’s one of the most photographed structures in the world! The Space Needle built in 1962 for the world’s fair whose theme was "The age of space." What was originally a restaurant at the top of the structure is now an observatory deck for visitors to get breathtaking 360 views of Seattle.

Chihuly Glass Garden

The Chihuly Garden and Glass is right next to the Space Needle, and you can purchase tickets to see both exhibits at a discounted rate. Dale Chihuly is a famous glass artist and teacher. His exhibitions have been showcased in more than 200 museums all over the world. The Chihuly Glass and Garden exhibit opened in 2012 at the Seattle Center as a long term exhibition. The glass flowers were incredible to see in person.

Museum of Flight

During my research on things to do in Seattle, I came upon the Museum of Flight. I like finding activities that will bring learning experiences as well as memorable photos. The museum featured a special exhibit of the Apollo 11 mission, and I knew I had to check it out. The first thing we did was the flight simulator. The ride featured 360-degree rolls to make you feel like you in a fighting aircraft in WWII. The simulation was a lot of fun, but I was beginning to feel a little sick.

The Apollo 11 mission exhibit was amazing! The Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that first landed on the Moon, carrying Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins (Collins stayed in the command module while Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon). There were lots of history and facts about the missions leading up to Apollo 11. One of the five rocket engines was in the exhibit and standing next to it gave you perspective about how massive the entire rocket was. The highlight of the exhibit was the actual command module from Apollo 11. This module is what brought our astronauts home to safety.

There were a couple of places I wanted to check out but didn’t have a chance to, but I LOVED Seattle. I would love to go back one day and visit again. If you're wondering what vegan eats are in Seattle, check out: What I Eat: Seattle, Washington

Have you been to Seattle? What activities did you do while you were there?
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