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What I Eat: Seattle, Washington

I love traveling to new places because I’m always curious to know if a city is vegan-friendly. Seattle did not disappoint. There were so many vegan restaurants in every neighborhood that we couldn’t decide where to go first! We were in Seattle for a total of three days, and these were the places we found terrific vegan food.

Veggie Grill

The Veggie Grill is a well-known fast-casual vegan restaurant chain that operates in California, Oregon, Washington, and Illinois. The menu is an array of items: salads, burgers, bowls, burritos, nachos, and dessert! Oh my! I went with the super taco salad bowl, Ben ordered the carne asada burrito, and we shared cauliflower bites.

Tamarind Tree

Anytime we travel anywhere; we are always in search of vegan pho. Our original plan was to go to a vegan restaurant. But when we arrived, a man at the restaurant said they were closing soon. Luckily, our friendly uber driver recommended a Vietnamese restaurant right across the street, Tamarind Tree.

The restaurant is in the international district of Seattle, which is a fancy way of saying, "China Town." The menu was extensive but clearly labeled what was vegan/vegetarian. I decided on a rice plate with veggies and tofu. Ben ordered the vegan pho. We were both full and delighted with our dinner.

Sal Y Limon

We stumbled upon Sal Y Limon during our hangry hunt for lunch. I’m always down for some chips and guac, and when I walked into the restaurant they were playing Selena! It was meant to be. Sal Y Limon is not a vegan restaurant but offered plenty of vegan options. I decided to go for the veggie tacos, and they were super filling and delicious.

Plum Bistro

Happy Cow is my go-to app when I travel to find the best vegan restaurants in the area. That’s how I found Plum Bistro. Plum Bistro is known as Capitol Hill’s most loved vegan restaurant. The restaurant also has other Plum locations specializing in salads and sweets, and they also have a food truck!

The food at Plum Bistro was decadent. We started with the Spicy Cajun Mac & Yease, which was my favorite! It wasn’t creamy like a typical macaroni and cheese, but the flavor was the perfect cheesiness.

Next, we shared the sausage, mushroom, spinach pizza which had marinara, mozzarella, olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, with fresh herbs on hand-formed pizza bread.

The last dish we shared was the Black Truffle Gnocchi. With sausage, sweet pea, creamy parmesan sauce, pesto, lemon, and olive oil-dressed arugula.

Everything was so delicious that we wanted to come back the next night but decided we should keep exploring Seattle’s vegan restaurant scene.

Din Tai Fung

When I saw that there was a Din Tai Fung in Seattle I had to go and since I’m Taiwanese, I’m always down to eat Taiwanese dumplings! The first Din Tai Fung I visited was in Taiwan three years ago when I was still eating seafood. So I was curious about what vegan options they offered. Menu items are clearly labeled with different dietary restrictions which were helpful. Of course, I over-ordered because I wanted to try everything.

No Bones Beach Club

No Bones Beach Club is another popular vegan restaurant in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Originally was a food truck is now a brick and mortar in three locations: Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. The restaurant is small with a cute Hawaiian theme. We had to wait about forty-five minutes for a table inside, but it’s definitely worth the wait. The portions are enormous because they don’t want non-vegans to leave hungry. Their motto is, "Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it sucks."

Seattle has so many vegan restaurants, and they’re all great options! I love visiting cities that are vegan-friendly with fast-casual restaurants to fine dining. Veganism has become more of the norm, and I love it. Times are a-changing! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to Seattle. What were your favorite restaurants?

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